January means party time in Mallorca

Christmas is over and most people have gone back to their normal lives. But not so in Mallorca, thanks to Sant Sebastià and Sant Antoni.

Sant Sebastià is celebrated by all of Palma’s residents, every 20th of January, however, the festival lasts not just one day but some weeks. This year it will begin with the announcement of the festivities on the 12th. There are many activities, traditional that are enjoyed by old and young alike during these special days.

We must highlight the “Correfoc” on 21th, held in honour of the celebration of Sant Antoni, an attractive dance with demons jumping round the streets accompanied with fireworks and music.

It’s not only Palma where this party is animated with the demons.  Many other towns on the island celebrate this tradition, the fight between good and bad.

Sant Antoni’s eve is the night when the most demons come together, becoming this festivity into one of the most popular traditions in many places in Mallorca, like Manacor or Sa Pobla. Family and friends are around the bonfires, cooking and sharing typical products from Mallorca as the famous sobrasada.

Alacena de Mallorca wish you happy holidays!