Ideas for a healthy Office Christmas party

December brings us Christmas time and therefore the popular Office Christmas Party. This is a nice tradition in order to celebrate a special dinner with our colleagues and partners.

Ideas for a healthy Christmas dinner:

– The temptations to nibble. Be careful! At the beginning of many office christmas parties we find snacks that have a lot of fat.

– Do not get too hungry. Take a fruit before going to dinner.

How to behave?

– Colleagues are not usually friends. It is important to think that we are not with our friends or classmates. We have to take care of our professional image.

– The alcohol. These are nights of celebration after a hard year of work but we must moderate ourselves.

Finally, do not miss the opportunity to interact with all the colleagues of your company, even though you do not talk to them usually. A nice idea is taking a place close to people from other departments. Networking is fashionable!

We wish you a very happy office party and Merry Christmas!