10 tips to plan a succesful birthday party

Don’t just celebrate your birthday, make it a special occasion!

When someone celebrates a round birthday, it’s time for a party with style. In this way, we already have the perfect excuse to gather family and friends and organize an event to remember, because 30, 40, 50 … are not celebrated everyday!


Our 10 tips are:


  • The guests: Choose them well, because is this the right occasion to spend time with your loved ones, as family and best friends, but without forgetting all those people who have been important in your life. Get in touch again with classmates, ex colleagues from different activities like work, sports, dance, etc.


  • Invitations: give a personalized touch and prepare some beautiful invitations. Although it is not a wedding, it is important to plan it in the best way. And, very important! Send the invitations in advance so that noone is missing.


  • The place: Depending on how many people are invited, whether at home or outside, it is important that you take into account the location. If planed outdoors prepare a plan B as well, since weather can play a trick on us. If you are thinking about where to make your event in Mallorca, we suggest some special places: https://laalacenademallorca.com/venues/?lang=en


  • Catering: Choose a catering company and do not worry. It will allow you to relax and focus on your guests, and also it will give you the opportunity to offer your guests an amazing gastronomic experience.


  • Theme party: people love such parties! There are many possible topics: Hawaiian (if it is going to be around a pool or beach), superheros, white party, Carnival…


  • Music. Prepare a list with your favorite songs. Ask for help from a professional DJ or make a personalized Spotify/Youtube list.


  • Decoration: Once the theme is chosen, it is important to take care of all details according to the decoration. In Alacena de Mallorca we can also help you with that.


  • Games and activities: we are sure your guests will love playing games or singing Karaoke. Surprise them!


  • Children (yes or no): This is an important point and you should inform the guests. In case it’s a big party maybe you could consider hiring an animator.


  • Reminder: Are you meticulous? Your guests will always appreciate a small gift. What about a copy of a group photo together that you can take directly from a Polaroid camera?


Let’s make your party unforgettable!