10 ideas to surprise your wedding guests

If you are looking for something original to surprise your guests you cannot miss our 10 wedding gift proposals.

Although it seems relatively simple, choosing the ideal gift is not an easy task.

There are three important requirements that we should not forget: original, practical and easy to remember.


  1. Original soaps with the name of the groom and the bride.
  2. Honey or homemade jam will be a sweet memory for the guests.
  3. Local products to let your guests know about the gastronomy of the area.
  4. Slippers (ideal for dancing lovers) .
  5. Cactus or aromatic plants
  6. Anti-hangover kit (coffee, chocolate, water…)
  7. Fans and hats to protect from the sun.
  8. Personalized perfumes (It is a little risky because of the different taste of each one)
  9. Personalized badges (“Friend of the bride”, “super grandmother”). Use your imagination!
  10. A plate or napkin to take away can be a special memory forever.


Don’t hesitate to use these tips to surprise your guests!